By Santiago Rivera Garcia

Andrew Yang, US democratic presidential candidate receives a question from his host in a talk show. Talking about people being able to vote with their smartphones…

“How do you prevent interference? When we know that so many apps have already gained access to our phones”

He answers that, although “you wouldn’t move towards smartphone voting until the technology was ready for primetime…” , “…there are technologies which are on the table using something called the #Blockchain which you can trust intrinsically because there’s something called the #PublicLedger, and you can’t tamper with it. So if everyone can see it and you can’t tamper with it, then so you can vote on your smartphone and you can enable a much more powerful democracy”


Scroll to min 27, second 20 (or watch it throughout, he is a very interesting candidate)


Innovation: (Merriam Webster)1: the introduction of something new

WeeSign brings business innovation to the table.

This brief analysis focuses in the two characteristics pointed out by Yang, and how WeeSign uses the technological properties of Blockchain to ensure that every legal document signed by you is completely private, and at the same time anyone can verify whether any document signed with WeeSign has been altered or not.

Your private documents kept with us are, and will always be private. WeeSign technology allows for that, while enabling our Validation Tool to verify at any time whether a document signed with WeeSign has been altered or not.

Here’s an example on how that may work in the daily life:

The director of a school wants every parent to sign a document (i.e. a permission slip for an outdoor activity). Also, wants to ensure that the documents are signed by the people that are meant to sign them (parents, not the smart asses kids). No one wants the teachers’ time to be spent in printing and sending physical paper slips with each kid to their home—I know I always lost all those papers, my brother did too. With WeeSign, the director could send every parent a document to sign.

User friendly for people all ages – multi platform for different mobile and desktop devices. Easy. The director, or anyone with access to the .pdf document produced when signing with WeeSign for that matter, can verify whether the document has been altered in any way. Our Validation Tool will tell you either one or another – the document is valid or not valid. The tool will never reveal any information in the document.


But, why can you trust the Blockchain intrinsically, as stated by Yang?

For this I quote Luis Cárdenas, our CEO and founder:

“We use mathematical algorithms to validate the veracity of each document signed by our users. We eliminate the need of blindly trusting third parties, thus avoiding any alteration of the records in the signing process and the content of the documents, making every document signed with WeeSign unique, unrepeatable, and unalterable.”

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