In WeeSign, we are committed to full transparency in the treatment of our users’ personal data, which is why we hereby explain in detail how we use and store your personal data: 

For WeeSign to function properly, we need to obtain and store data and information from users. WeeSign stores this sensitive information in encrypted form for enhanced security.

WeeSign account holders can sign by themselves only or with other signees. It is vital to be able to identify each signee in order to provide greater security for users with regards to documents signed in WeeSign.

Because of this, WeeSign can ask users—when signing– to use their mobile device’s or computer’s camera to take photos of their face or their official, valid ID. If this is the case, such image will be included as part of the signed document and will not be shared under any circumstance with third parties.

Users can Access their WeeSign account from different devices, because our service is cloud based. WeeSign will create a record of the brand and model of the device used for each signature.

For every document signed in WeeSign by more than one user, we will request basic information for each signee.

Any autograph digital trace used in WeeSign can be stored for facility in the use of the system. Account holders will have absolute control of their digital trace and will not be shared with third parties under any circumstance.

When using WeeSign to sign with e.firma from SAT, we will not store information related to e.firma SAT. WeeSign makes it easier to use e.firma SAT, but we do not store the .cer, .key files, nor the password under any circumstance. Because of this, such files and password will be requested in each occasion that users try to sign with e.firma from SAT.

The content of every signed document while using WeeSign is considered sensitive and confidential information. Therefore the content of such documents will only be shared with whomever the account holder decides to do so. WeeSign will keep an encrypted copy of the documents for the functionality of document validation. The content of the signed documents will never be used for commercial purposes, nor shared with third parties.

The IP address of the device used to sign with WeeSign will be stored for the purpose of proving signees’ identities in case it is necessary.

In WeeSign, we keep information in cookies, which are stored for the purpose of system functionality. Such information is not requested nor stored with commercial purposes. Account holders can delete cookies.

Account holders’ personal information such as name, last name, email, and phone number will be used for the purpose of system functionality and communication between WeeSign, the user, and people whose signatures are requested.

All passwords created by WeeSign users will be stored encrypted for the purpose of allowing access to the account for each user. Passwords will not be shared with anyone, under any circumstance.

WeeSign can store the minimum bank account and card information, which will be kept encrypted and protected to automatize payments of the offered packages. WeeSign’s account holders can edit and delete their bank account and card information whenever they seem fit, as long as payment flow functionalities are covered.

Optical and logical elements of an identity document or identification can be used to verify its authenticity and/or biometrics can be used to compare them with databases and the identity document provided by the person.

We want to thank you in advance for trusting in us.

WeeSign was designed in the least invasive way for our users. We only store personal data for the purpose of delivering a better service and fulfilling with the legal requirements of WeeSign’s operations.