The most powerful and safe electronic signature platform

WeeSign combines advanced electronic signature, along with blockchain technology, which creates unique non replicable valid in Court documents


any document


Or request signatures


from the cloud


in blockchain

Beyond the hype of blockchain

Blockchain technology contributes in security, transparency and privacy of our documents and has the capacity to transform industries.

In WeeSign we will go beyond the security needs of our users to keep all the firm documents in a private chain ensuring their inalterability.

Feature title will change when animation moves forward

Advance your business safely and reliably and stop wasting time on low value activities, our simple and functional interface will make your productivity grow like never before.

Why is WeeSign useful?

REDUCE the logistics expenses for signing and archiving documents

SAVE your time and invest in valuable activities

INTEGRATE in the use of new technologies

SECURE your documents with the highest technology.

CREATE VALUE to your business

CONTRIBUTES to the protection of the environment

Free Trial

They trust WeeSign

The Electronic Signature platform with the necessary security to protect the most important documents of your company

Apartado legal

Our platfrom compiles with all Mexican laws and regulations regarding electronic signature and data message preservation


Learn more about electronic signature, blockchain and technology.


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