Updated December 14, 2020
At WeeSign, the protection of your personal information is important to us, which is why we offer you the following privacy notice (“Privacy Notice”) in order to inform you of how we collect and use your information. Licity Blockchain, S.A.P.I. de C.V., (“WeeSign”), domiciled in Medellín 79, Colonia Roma Norte, 06700 Mexico City, is a company legally incorporated in accordance with Mexican legislation, whose main activity is to provide electronic signature tools and solutions, identity verification and document management to the general public, contributing to the automation of the processes of various industries, increasing their efficiency and economic utility.
WeeSign is responsible for collecting your personal data, so this Privacy Notice applies to all products and/or services developed and offered by WeeSign.
PURPOSES. The main purpose of collecting your personal information is to offer you better products and/or services, as well as any other activity that is necessary to perform our obligations derived from the legal relationship that you generate with WeeSign and carry out our purposes including, without limitation: (i) the identification and verification of the identity of current or potential users; (ii) the offering of our services, products, promotions and events; (iii) the delivery of information on new services and/or products purchased; (iv) conducting studies and/or market analysis to find out the preferences of our current or potential users and to generate statistical reports; (v) knowledge about consumption patterns or trends of our products and/or services; (vi) attention to queries, complaints and suggestions or any other procedure related to our services and/or products; (vii) payments or billing thereof; (viii) the processing of electronic wallets and/or gift cards; (ix) conducting surveys regarding the quality of our services; (x) compliance with applicable legislation and requirements of federal and local authorities; (xi) the proper functioning of all our products and/or services; and (xii) to develop, review, formalize, store and/or organize documentation from any type of users (the “Purposes”).
LIMITATION. In the event you do not want your personal data to be used for our Purposes, you can communicate it by email to the following address: help@weesign.co.
INFORMATION. In order to carry out the Purposes, WeeSign may collect the following personal data and sensible personal data (the “Personal Data”) in various ways through its website, www.weesign.mx and/or through mobile applications, plug-ins and/or different software and/or activations of any kind that WeeSign carries out directly or through third parties with whom WeeSign collaborates, either to improve the functionality of the Purposes or advertising or marketing matters (“Collection Methods”):
• General information (name, age, occupation, address, sex, date of birth and others);
• Tax information (tax residence and tax identity number);
• Mobile phone and/or landline;
• Email account;
• Electronic signature, facial biometrics and photograph;
• ID;
• IP address;
• Time registers of execution of certain WeeSign functionalities;
• Electronic signature files (.cer, .key and/or .pfx);
• Geographic location (GPS);
• Cookies;
• Information regarding the mobile device and/or browser used;
• Credit and/or debit card details; and/or
• Other forms of payment.
In connection with the foregoing, we inform you that your Personal Data will be safeguarded under the strictest security standards, guaranteeing the strictest confidentiality and privacy thereof, adhering to the provisions set forth by the Mexican Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data under Possession of Individuals.
TRANSFER. WeeSign commits not to transfer, share or transmit your Personal Data to third parties without your consent, except (i) when the transfer is made between our subsidiaries or affiliates; (ii) when the transfer is ordered by a competent authority; (iii) when the transfer is necessary for the performance of an obligation and/or to sustain a legal relationship between the user and WeeSign; (iv) when the transfer is made in order to improve the experience of our users and the products and/or services offered by WeeSign; (v) when the transfer is necessary to carry out the Purposes; and (vi) by provision of applicable law.
In the event of any transfer of Personal Data to third parties, we inform you that WeeSign will cause and/or make all reasonable commercial efforts so that such third parties assume the same obligations and responsibilities assumed by WeeSign, in accordance with the provisions set forth in this Privacy Notice.
SECURITY. The Personal Data you provide through the Collection Methods are duly protected and assured by WeeSign, or professional third parties hired by WeeSign under various security protocols, in order to prevent unauthorized access to your Personal Data and ensure that they are strictly used for the purposes described in this Privacy Notice.
ARCO RIGHTS. You can exercise, on your own behalf or through a legal representative, the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of your Personal Data (the “ARCO Rights”), limit the use and disclosure of your Personal Data, as well as revoke the consent granted for the treatment of same. To do this, you or your representative may request WeeSign, by email to help@weesign.co, the delivery of a format in which you confirm your decision to exercise your ARCO Rights, with the following documentation or digitalized information attached: (i) document that proves your identity or, where appropriate, the legal representation of the person acting on your behalf; and (ii) any other element or document that facilitates the location of your Personal Data.
WeeSign commits to respond to your request within 5 (five) business days from the date that such request is received. The request will be deemed received on the day WeeSign acknowledges receipt by email. The term may be extended for 3 (three) business days depending on the circumstances of each case.
Moreover, we inform you that you can initiate the procedure for the protection of ARCO Rights before the Mexican National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (the “INAI”), within 15 (fifteen) days following the date on which WeeSign responds to your request and said response is not satisfactory, or, if after the specified term, we did not respond to your request.
CHANGES. In order to provide you with a better service, we reserve the right to make ammendments or updates to this Privacy Notice, at any time, in order to comply with new legislation or legally binding court decisions, internal policies, new requirements for the provision or offer of our services and/or products and market practices. The changes referred to in this section will be published on our website or in the Collection Methods.
In the event that you do not agree with the ammendments that may be made, we would appreciate if you let us know your concerns in this regard to take your opinion into consideration. In any case, you have the right to oppose the processing of your Personal Data in accordance with the aforementioned procedure. If, in any case, you consider that your rights regarding the protection of your Personal Data have been violated, you have the right to appeal to the INAI (www.inai.org.mx).
CONSENT. The treatment of your Personal Data carried out by WeeSign will be subject to your consent, express or tacit, to the use of your Personal Data in accordance with the Purposes. For purposes of the Mexican Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data under Possession of Private Parties, tacit consent is understood as the lack of opposition from the user to the obtaining, use, disclosure or transfer at the moment the terms and conditions of this Privacy Notice are informed to the user.
LANGUAGE. This Privacy Notice was prepared in English and Spanish languages. In case of discrepancy between the two versions, the Spanish version will prevail.