Updated June 11, 2020
In WeeSign the protection of your personal information is important to us, reason why we put at your disposal the following privacy notice (“Privacy Notice”), with the purpose of informing you how we collect and use your information. Licity Blockchain, S.A. de C.V., (“WeeSign”), with address in Medellin 79, Roma Norte, CDMX, 06700, México is a Mexican corporation, legally incorporated in accordance with Mexican legislation, whose main activity is to provide tools and solutions regarding electronic signature and document management to the general public, contributing in the automation processes of several industries, enhancing efficiency and economic utility.
WeeSign is responsible for collecting your personal data, pursuant to which this Privacy Notice will be applicable and rule all products and/or services offered by WeeSign.
PURPOSES. The collection of your personal data has the main purpose to provide you better products and services, as well as to any other necessary activities that allows to perform our purposes, including without limitation: (i) the identification and verification of actual or potential users; (ii) the provision of our services, products, promotions and events; (iii) to deliver information of our new products and/or acquired services; (iv) to perform market studies and/or analysis to know customer preferences of actual or potential users and to generate statistical reports; (v) understand tendencies and preferences from our customers about our products and services; (vi) the resolution of doubts, queries, suggestions or any other procedure related with our products and services; (vii) billing or invoicing payments; (viii) electronic currency payment procedures and/or gift certificates; (ix) to make surveys about the quality of our products and services; (x) compliance of applicable legislation and requirements of federal and local authorities; (xi) for the proper functioning of all our products and services; and (xii) to develop, review, formalise, store and/or organise documents from any type of user (the “Purposes”).
CONSTRAINT. In case you do not want your personal data to be used in accordance with our Purposes, please inform us at help@weesign.co
INFORMATION. In order to perform our Purposes, WeeSign will be able to collect the following personal data (“Personal Data”) through diverse procedures, through any of its sites, www.weesign.co, www.weesign.mx, www.licityblockchain.co, www.licityblockchain.mx and/or through mobile apps, plug ins and/or several software and/or activations performed by WeeSign directly or by any third parties that collaborate with WeeSign, to improve performance of the Purposes or marketing matters (“Collection Methods”):
• General information (name, age, profession, domicile, gender, date of birth and others);
• Tax information (tax residence and tax identity number);
• Mobile or fixed number;
• Email;
• Electronic signature, facial biometrics and photo;
• ID;
• IP address;
• Time registers of execution of certain Weesign functionalities;
• Electronic signature files (.CER, .KEY and/or .PFX);
• Location (GPS);
• Cookies;
• Mobile data information and or/ browser used;
• Credit/debit card information;
• Other forms of payment; and/or
• Information regarding the act or operation about to be documented and signed.
In connection with the above, we inform you that all the personal information we collect will be kept safe with the strictest security standards, in order to guarantee absolute confidentiality and privacy, in accordance with the Mexican Federal Law of Personal Data Protection in Private Possession.
TRANSFER. WeeSign commits not to transfer, share or transmit your Personal Data to third parties without your consent, except when the transfer is: (i) between our subsidiaries or affiliates; (ii) requested by competent authority; (iii) necessary for the fulfillment of a covenant and/or to sustain a legal relationship between a user and WeeSign; (iv) done to improve the user experience or the products and services offered by WeeSign; (v) required to achieve our Purposes; and (vi) required by an applicable law.
In case we transfer personal information to third parties, WeeSign will make all reasonable commercial efforts so that such third parties i assume the same obligations and responsibility of WeeSign in accordance with all dispositions set forth in this Privacy Notice.
SECURITY. All personal data you provide throughout the Collection Methods is dully protected and assured by WeeSign, or professional third parties hired by WeeSign under diverse security protocols, in order to avoid unauthorized access to your Personal Data and procure it is strictly used for the purposes described in this Privacy Notice.
ARCO RIGHTS. You may execute, by yourself or throughout a legally authorized representative, the rights of access, rectification, cancelation and opposition of your Personal Data (“ARCO Rights”), limit the use and disclosure of Personal Data, as well as revoke any given consent for the treatment of such personal data. You or your legal representative can request WeeSign, through email at help@weesign.co, to deliver a format where you express your decision to execute your ARCO Rights including the following documents or information in a digital format: (i) document that proves your identity, and if applicable, poer of attorney of your legal representative; and (ii) any other element or document that allows to easily locate your Personal Data.
WeeSign commits to respond your request within the next 5 (five) business days following the request reception date. It shall be understood that request have been received the day WeeSign acknowledges its reception through email. The term could be extended for 3 (three) more business days considering the circumstances of the case.
Likewise, we inform you can initiate the procedure to protect your ARCO Rights before the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Personal Data (“INAI”) within the next 15 (fifteen) days as of the date WeeSign responds your request when such response was not satisfactory or, if we did not give response to your request within the assigned term.
CHANGES. In order to provide you a better service, we reserve the right to make changes, modifications or updates to this Privacy Policy at any moment, so we can comply with new or reformed laws, jurisprudence, internal policies, new requirements for the offer of our products and/or services and customary practices. These changes will be published in our websites or Collection Methods.
In case you do not agree with the changes or updates made from time to time, tell us, so we can take your opinion in to account. In any case, you have the right to oppose the treatment of your Personal Data throughout the abovementioned procedures. And, if you consider your rights in relation to personal data have been infringed, you have the right to go directly to INAI (www.inai.org.mx).
CONSENT. Treatment of Personal Data by WeeSign will be subject to your consent, explicit or tacit, of the use of your Personal Data within the Purposes. In terms of I the Federal Law of Data Protection in Private Possession, tacit consent is understood as the lack of opposition to the collection, use, divulgation or transfer of personal data at the moment when the privacy policy is putted at your disposal.
LANGUAGE. This Privacy Policy has been drafted in English and Spanish languages. In case of discrepancy between the two versions, users agree that Spanish version shall prevail.