Updated June 11, 2020
In WeeSign we are convinced of the benefits and importance of formality, it is why we decide to previously define the terms and conditions. By doing so we will prevent and reduce risks and asymmetries of information and enable to project business relationships (or any other type) successfully into the future. We present the Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) that apply to any webpage, plug-ins, software, products and/or services (“Products and Services”) of Licity Blockchain, S.A. de C.V. (“WeeSign”). You agree and declare to have read, know and accept this Terms and Conditions, will be subject to the totality of the rules established herein, and will comply with all the applicable regulation of the Products and Services. Hereinafter, the words “User” refers to any client, visit, or user of the Products and Services or of the WeeSign platform (as will be defined afterwards) and “us”, “our”, “we” or “WeeSign” refers to Licity Blockchain, S.A. de C.V., its employees, shareholders, representatives, legal counsel, agents and in general, any person or company that forms part of WeeSign team.
From time to time, we plan to update the Terms and Conditions, please revise them regularly. Any update will be valid form the moment it is published, without requiring any type of notification. The use or continuous usage of WeeSign Products and Services will be understood as consent of the Terms and Conditions and its updates or changes.
You can only use WeeSign Products and Services if you are legally able to manifest your will in a contractual situation, be aware that the majority of age can vary within countries and jurisdictions; it is your responsibility comply with your local laws in this matter. You also agree to be subject to commercial law regulations and practices and declare to have the legal capacity and powers to represent your corporation, if it is the case, in the act or acts you celebrate using WeeSign Products and Services. The usage of WeeSign Products and Services is subject to your compliance with adequate code of conduct, lawful objectives and good practices of the industry.
Please also review or Privacy Policy, www.info.weesign.mx/privacy-policy.
WHO WE ARE. WeeSign is a Mexican corporation with address in Medellin 79, Roma Norte, CDMX, 06700, México. Our principal activity is to provide electronic signature and workflow administration of documents services.
One of our purposes is to develop technologies that make transactions easy and secure, like electronic signature, sending documents and electronic document administration. You will be able to find completely free services that comply with the highest quality standards of the industry.
OWNERSHIP. All Products and Services are operated by WeeSign and are part of its property. Every right derived from materials, Products and Services, including, but not limited to: information, documents, formats, models, texts, questions, recommendations, clauses, calendars, logos, graphics, flow diagrams, technology, software, sounds and images (the “Materials”) are owned by WeeSign or to the corresponding third parties providers (“Third Parties” or “Third Party”). It is prohibited to copy, reproduce, transcript, photograph, republish, download, upload, show, transmit or distribute the Materials in any form. The only exception is that you have been previously authorized in writing by WeeSign to do so. By no means, any element or content in the Products and Services should be taken or interpreted as an authorization to confer or grant a license over the property rights, intellectual rights or copyright of WeeSign.

In case you require a license, please contact us to help@weesign.co

USSAGE OF MATERIALS. WeeSign grants limited and revocable permit to the Users so they can download, see, consult and print Materials, exclusively for personal and informative use, in the following scenarios: (i) legend of copy rights and trade marks that are displayed in the Materials should not be modified or removed; and (ii) Materials should not be modified in any way, except when Materials allow and are displayed for personal edition. This permit will end automatically, without notice, in case you breach any clause of the Terms and Conditions. Any unauthorized use of the Materials or Products and Services, could breach laws, dispositions in privacy, publicity and communication, in which case you would be solely responsible without any responsibility for WeeSign.
THIRD PARTY SITES. By using the Products and Services you could have access to sites controlled by third parties (“Third Party Sites”). WeeSign may work, associate, collaborate or contract with commercial allies, partners and/or experts in different subjects, Third Party Sites could be linked to WeeSign Products and Services and from who WeeSign is not necessarily affiliated. WeeSign is not responsible and does not accept responsibility for the availability, content, service or use from Third Party Sites, any site you may have access form a Third Party site or for any change or update made to such sites. WeeSign also does not guarantee the content or quality of products or services provide by Third Party Sites.
WeeSign proportionates these links only for convenience, the inclusion of any link does not imply that WeeSign endorses or supports any Third Party Sites, or that WeeSign is associated, affiliated, or grants that such Third Party Site is legally authorized to use any commercial name, trademark, logo or any protected right subject to copyright protection. Users are responsible for any risk associated with the use or access of any content of Third Party Sites and agree that WeeSign is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage in which you may incur with Third Party Sites. You may contact such Third Party Sites in case you have any concern or doubt.
PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. WeeSign allows Users to upload electronic signatures, request signatures, send and administer all types of electronic documents. If you subscribe to a WeeSign account, all the information you provide should be updated, complete and precise. In case you purchase a WeeSign service, it should be payed according to our valid tariffs with any of the allowed payment methods including OpenPay, SAPI of CV. You will also be able to sign documents without an account when the creator of a document marks you as a recipient to sign or only receive the document, in which case, this Terms and Conditions will also be applicable to you.
WeeSign makes every reasonable commercial and technical effort to make our Products and Services compatible with our Users’ needs. However, laws and regulation are rapidly changing, judicial decisions are dynamic and subject to interpretation, thus WeeSign does not guarantee our Products and Services to be updated or correct.
Likewise, the usage of WeeSign Products and Services should be done with the proper professional advise by specialized lawyers, considering the relevant jurisdiction and applicable regulation.
WeeSign will not be liable to Users for any third party. In this sense, for any information of documents used in our Products and Services, regardless if this information could be complete, incomplete, correct or incorrect. Nor for the executability of documents or contracts that Users provide in our Products and Services.
Some of the Products and Services may be subject to recommendations, guidelines, rules and updates or additional terms of services. The usage of our Products and Services is conditioned to your adherence and fulfillment of our Terms and Condition. In case there is a conflict between the Terms and Conditions and additional terms, the additional terms will prevail unless they specify otherwise. Users recognize and express their consent to this Terms and Conditions by any usage of your Products and Services.
COMMERCIAL AGREEMENT. For Mexican law purposes and jurisdiction, as a User of the Products and Services, you accept the Terms and Conditions and agree that WeeSign offers a merchant commission without representation in accordance with articles 273, 274, and others that result applicable, of the Mexican Code of Commerce, to deliver the data message to the other Users you exclusively choose.
WeeSign accepts the merchant commission relationship without representation. In accordance with the abovementioned, you accept that WeeSign does not provide legal services of any nature, that it is not a law firm and will no act as your representative for any other purpose but the one just described.
CREDITS AND CUPONS. WeeSign can, discretionally, give units of discount to selected Users in the form of (i) credits and/or (ii) discount coupons, as part of marketing campaigns, for, among other uses, incentivize our Products and Services and/or the suggestion to new Users (“Credits and Coupons”). Credits and Coupons may not be accumulated, transferred or interchanged for money. Users may not accumulate or concentrate Credits and Coupons by creating multiple accounts, or by combining them in one or more profiles.
Credits and Coupons will be available and for certain time and have a determined life spam. WeeSign reserves the right to revoke them anytime without any notification required. In the moment a User requests any Product and Service, WeeSign can clear any Credit and Coupon without the need for authorization or consent from the User.
The User accepts WeeSign can suspend temporarily, indefinitely or permanently any Credits and Coupon as well as the capacity of any User to participate for Credits and Coupons or any other publicity campaign, without incurring in any responsibility.
GUARANTY. The materials, including documents, models, forms, contracts, agreements and our Products and Services, are additional transactional tools for support. WeeSign offers the Products and Services in the state “they are found”, for this reason, WeeSign cannot guarantee that Products and Services: (i) will be up to your expectations; (ii) will be available without any error, interrupted or free of risk; (iii) results will be correct and trustworthy; (iv) the identity, representation or agency of other users in your documents is accurate or has the legal powers to act on behalf of the other person or corporation with whom you are making the contract or transaction. For these reasons the request, reception, signature of any Material in our Products and Services is done at your own risk and discretion. WeeSign will not be liable or responsible for any harm to your business, business relations or any other type of damage, including breach of contracts, tax obligations, defaults caused directly or indirectly for using our Products and Services or for any harm caused to your software by downloading any Material or by using our Products and Services.
CANCELATIONS. Once a User has requested and payed for a Product and Service, WeeSign will not issue cancelations and refund unless we made a mistake. In any case, send us an email to help@weesign.co so we can review your case.
USER ACCOUNTS. Accounts are for personal use only, the person who creates an account or a sub-user account is the only one who is authorized to access and use the corresponding User account. Each User is responsible to maintain confidentiality of the identity information, such as password, account access number or any other information to use or access the account. Users are responsible for all the activities that their accounts have or that occur under their sub-user accounts. WeeSign does not have control over the use of user accounts or sub-user accounts and expressly rejects and disclaims any responsibility derived from such activities. In the event that Users suspects a third party could have accessed their account, immediately notify us at help@weesign.co so we can cancel the account; which should not be understood as a transfer of responsibility or liability to WeeSign for the usage of any account or sub-user account by the User or third party.
DAMAGES AND LIMIT OF LIABILITYI. By the acceptance of this Terms and Conditions, you agree to leave WeeSign, its shareholders, subsidiaries, directors, workers, legal representatives and consultants free of any charge, liability, damage, including indirect damages that may arise in any form (that also consider lawyer expenses) in relation with the use of our Products and Services or Terms and Conditions, also with respect to any violation to relevant regulation, be it of federal, local or municipal character, including tax obligations, default or breach of contract, related to the abovementioned and described in the Terms and Conditions.
In case a jury finds WeeSign responsible for any conduct, in all cases, its liability will be limited to the amount effectively payed for the services by its Users for the Products and Services, respectively.
INFORMATION. WeeSign only requests the necessary information for the operation and functionality of tis Products and Services. In this sense, WeeSign does not require you to proportionate confidential, sensible or reserved information, in order to use its Products and Services. All information provided to WeeSign will be safeguarded with strict security standards, in order to guarantee the confidentiality of such information and in accordance with the applicable regulation.
On the other hand, all comments, feedback, non-confidential information and/or materials sent to WeeSign or in relation with our Products and Services, will be considered as public information and WeeSign’s property. When you submit or share this information with WeeSign, you agree that WeeSign will own all rights, including intellectual rights without payment or costs associated with it. The content of the information Users share with WeeSign, for the use of our Products and Services, is responsibility of the users only. Such information should be complete, legal, accurate and trustworthy. Please review or Privacy Policy so you know how we use and treat the information we receive.
INADEQUATE CONTENT. When using our Products and Services, users agree to restraint from submitting, uploading, downloading, transmitting or distributing content in any form distributing that may: (i) be defamatory, obscene, pornographic, abusive or threatening; (ii) promote or endorses conducts that could be illegal and that may result in civil or criminal responsibility; that in any form could violate or breach any law or regulation, national or international; or (iii) promote or request collection of funds or promotes products or services, except when Users have a previous written authorization by WeeSign to do so. WeeSign reserves the right to eliminate any inadequate content and, previous warrant of a legal order that motivates such procedure, will cooperate with investigations for the breach of our Terms and Conditions or that violate any relevant law or regulation.
PERSONAL USE. WeeSign Products and Services are available for persona use only and are available for Users at their own risk and responsibility; we are not responsible for any inadequate use by Users or third parties for electronic signature, advanced electronic signature or e.firma (SAT).
RIGHT TO CANCEL THE SERVICE. WeeSign reserves the right to suspend temporarily or definitely cancel any Product and Service, in general or individually to any person, including restraining or canceling specific access to one or various Users at any moment at our absolute discretion.
APPLICABLE LAW AND JURISDICITION. This Terms and Conditions are ruled by the relevant law in Mexico. For the interpretation, compliance and execution of these Terms and Conditions, the Users and WeeSign expressly agree to submit any controversy to Mexican tribunal in Mexico City, renouncing any other jurisdiction that could correspond because of their present or future addresses or any other reason.
RESERVED RIGHTS. The software, its design, text, format of documents, contracts, diagrams, flow of graphics, the location of the corresponding sections and all the Materials of the Products and Services are protected by WeeSign or by third party service providers with whom WeeSign works, respectively. All rights are reserved and protected.
RECOGNITION. By using our Products and Services, you declare to know the legal content and scope of the Terms and Conditions and also agree to be bound by the totality of the Terms and Conditions.
If you consider this Terms and Conditions are confusing, not acceptable, disagree or have any doubt about them, send us and email to help@weesign.co to know your opinion and we will get back to you shortly with a response.
SECURITY. WeeSign protects your information from unauthorized third parties. We take all the reasonable technical and organizational measures to secure your information and offer the best quality in our Products and Services
Finally, it is forbidden to hack the security measures and limits of our Products and Services or use any component of them for contrary purposes of the Products and Services.